Are Cats Smart? How Smart Are They?


People always say dogs are smart animals. They are right. Many dogs are very smart animals. But, they don’t deserve all the credit. People say cats are aloof, not smart, and not friendly. True enough at times. Your cat typically loves you when it needs something. The dog, loves you most of the time. But, dogs have their drawbacks too, and cats, well, may be smarter than you think.

Have you ever heard the phrase, smell like a wet dog? You have probably said it yourself as well. And, you know full well it’s not a compliment. When is the last time you said, wow, that smells like a wet cat? You haven’t right? Didn’t think so. And, if you give your cat a bath, it doesn’t really smell does it? It’s also really angry at you.
So, what we need is a smart animal that also smells good. Well, a cat may be the answer. Read on my friends on the smart odor free animal!


Are Cats Smart? How Smart Are They? | The Cow Cat Cover Photo



We Know how to drink

Unlike dogs, which will stick their face into anything and bury their nose in the water (yuk), we cats are more discriminating. We will sometimes dip our paw gently into the water to check the temperature, and then delicately lap up the water with our tongues. Oh sure, once in a while we may get a dribble on our chin, you try and see if you don’t, but we are a little more classy when we drink, and we don’t spill it all over and have the water fly out of our mouth all over the place when we are done drinking. Dogs need a dry rag when they drink.


Are Cats Smart? How Smart Are They? | The Cow Cat This is how we drink


We know the world is a dangerous place

My cousin Lucky, a very pretty German shepherd, always get so excited to be outside. But, the world is a dangerous place. Seriously doggies don’t you guys know there is an accident every minute outside?!?!? Cars are so dangerous; you don’t want to run into a car they are made from metal. And if you aren’t fast, they may run over you.

Have you seen how many stars in the sky? Those could fall to our head. I bet it hurts!

We cats know how dangerous it’s outside that’s why we keep screaming when humans try to take us out. We even develop weak legs strategy! How does it work? Whenever our dads and moms put a leash on us, we pretend our legs are so weak and it’s very difficult to move! See how smart are we? You could clean the floor with a cat that doesn’t want to go for a walk.
Now, I know there are some adventurous cats out there that do enjoy the outdoors. (Brave kitties). But, you may notice they hide from all the dangers, lurking under your porch, in the bushes, behind a tree, always away from danger and ready to pounce!


The Cow Cat | Let's go for cat walk with cow kitty plying dead


We train our owner

There are tons of dog training classes. But have you seen a Cat training class? Why? Because we are too smart we don’t need anybody to train us. In fact, wait for it, here is where cats are really smarter than dogs. We train our owners! Owners, they train their dogs. The dogs love it. We cats are a bit more independent, and well, gotcha, we trained you. Why just this morning, I sat outside daddy’s bedroom door that was closed, and I meowed loudly. Daddy jumped out of bed because he knew I was hungry, ran to the closet, got my food out, put it in my bowl, and went back to bed. I had my two bites and then curled up for a nap. Good daddy. You can have a treat later.
And our toys. We love to have you throw the mousy down the hall and we run after it and play for a moment. Do we bring it back to you to throw again? No! We wait for you to come get it and throw it the other direction. Good human. I’ll let you pet me, for a moment, not too hard or I’ll bite you. Good human. You fetch well.


The Cow Cat With Favorite Mousy Beg Face


Those are just a few examples to show how smart we are. Let me know how smart your cat is and how they have trained you on the comment section below. Until next time, keep calm and love cats!


P.S. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE dogs, they are very cute and friendly. But they still have a lot to learn lol