How to Bike Like a Pro by The Cow Cat

How to Bike Like a Pro by The Cow Cat The Pro Biker

This blog is for all of my two wheeled friends! Well, ok, those that rides on two wheels! It’s your cute kitty pal Scotch here with some bike safety tips to make your trip a fun and safe. When I look out the window, or sit on our little deck outside, I see all kinds of people on their bikes. My Daddy also bikes, well, once in a while! He should get out more!

Many of you might not know that I’m a Pro Biker. I love being around bikes and being very active to keep my body rockin.’ So today I’m here to teach you exactly how to bike like a pro.


Step Number 1: Inspect Your Bike

How to Bike Like a Pro by The Cow Cat Inspect His Bike For a Dangerous Mousy

It’s so important to make sure your bike is in a good condition. My cute friends, if you must go for a bike ride, then by all means, make it a safe one. We need you to come back safely so you can feed us and clean the litter box! Oh, and of course, we love you, really. First, check for dangerous objects on or in your bike. As you can see, a dangerous mousy has gotten into my bike! It’s a good thing I checked before heading out. I also recommend a light on the front of your bike and a light on the back. If you live in a big city like I do, or even someplace where there may be a lot of traffic, lights are a good way for others to see you, especially if you are out as the sun is going down, or for your early birds that like to watch the sun come up! Crazy! Sleep in my friends.


Step Number 2: Embrace Your Fear

How to Bike Like a Pro by The Cow Cat Embrace Your Fear

Biking might look scary sometimes, I get it. There is a lot of traffic out there as well as pot holes, breaks in the trail, oh, and other bikers. I’ll share my technique to help you embrace your fear – cross one’s arm – close your eyes – listen to your heart –  Be careful don’t fall asleep!


Step Number 3: Stretch

How to Bike Like a Pro by The Cow Cat Stretch Before Biking

After getting rid of your fears, the next step is getting your body ready for biking. I usually stretch before I go for a bike ride. Daddy doesn’t always stretch first, so he usually comes back complaining about his back hurting. I don’t know why he won’t listen.


Step Number 4: Protect Your Head

How to Bike Like a Pro by The Cow Cat Gets Perfect Helmet

This is super important my furriends. I love my brain. Without it, I won’t be able to think about what time I should eat, nap, get attention, play with my sister. Being a busy kitty is not easy. Now, I suggest that you have a really good helmet, one that is motorcycle quality. I also suggest one that is ventilated. I see some of you that have the solid helmet and when you come back, your hair is a wet shaggy mess, just like a dog that went swimming! Don’t do it! You have to make sure you get the RIGHT helmet size. As you can tell from the pic, I got a perfect size helmet almost protect my whole body! How good is that!


Step Number 5: Stare At Your Bike

How to Bike Like a Pro by The Cow Cat Stare At Your Bike

San Francisco is one of the cities where bike theft is very very high. But don’t worry; they won’t be able to steal my bike because I’m always watching! And, I spent a little extra money on a fantastic lock, one that has a guarantee if my bike is stolen. Another way to protect your bike is to sleep next to it if you can!


Step Number 6:  Selfie With Your Bike

How to Bike Like a Pro by The Cow Cat Selfie With Your Bike

The Most IMPORTANT Step To Be a Pro Biker: Selfie With Your Bike

What is the point of biking without letting everyone know how healthy you are? That’s what your Facebook friends for! To look at your selfie! This is by far THE MOST IMPORTANT thing if you want to be serious about biking. Here is my favorite tip about Selfie with bike; a semiserious face to show how serious I am in biking. See the determination?


There you have it my friends how to bike like me aka Pro. If you are not a biker or active type, take a look at my recommended activity for you “How To Get A Gorgeous Tan.” Now let’s go out and bike with your cat and have fun! Don’t forget to share your bike tips on the comment section below. Also you can tell me if you want to share my tips in anything!  And in case you haven’t, please subscribe to my newsletter so I can send you my cool stuff that I only give to my subscribers!