The Caterview Episode 2: Mutlu Happy Cat Family

Finally, it’s time for the Caterview episode 2!!! If you are wondering why it took me awhile to finish this episode, it’s because I had to travel to Turkey to interview my famous guest for this episode. OK let’s get to the Caterview cause I can’t wait no more!


The Caterview Episode 2: Mutlu Happy Cat Family Cover Photo


Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself?

Well, my name is Mutlu and I’m 1 year old. My hooman thinks I’m a tabby-bengal mix.  We live in northwestern Turkey.


How did you find your super mom?

Actually, my parents’ friend found me when I was a month old. I was hurt and creeping in the middle of a road. She took me to the vet and then the next day my hooman adopted me.


I’ve read your story and I found it’s so heartwarming!  For anyone what want to read Mutlu’s rescue story, please go to

The Caterview Episode 2: Mutlu Happy Cat Family Rescue Cat Story

WOW you were so cute Mutlu!

What do you mean I was?!?!


The Caterview Episode 2: Mutlu Happy Cat Family What do you mean


Oops!…I mean You were cute…and…and… you are very handsome now!  Let’s change the topic. I know that since I knew you, your Mom has rescued more kitties and she is now a foster parent. What kind of brother are you? 

Umm.. That’s a hard one. When I was young I was extremely jealous. I grew up as the only cat in the house and I was like a spoiled kid. My hooman brought a yellow-white fluffy kitty home and I went insane. We could only keep her for 5 days and mom had to find her another home. When Bambi & Ygritte came home, I was jealous again but not that much. I was older and wiser lol. I understood that they needed help and a loving home. So I accepted them a little bit more easily. We don’t fight a lot, I think I am a good brother. We cuddle, I give them daily showers and play with them. Ygritte especially adores me. She follows me everywhere. Bambi is more like a free spirit.


The Caterview Episode 2: Mutlu Happy Cat Family with Bambi and Ygritte


Tell us your secret about how to be happy like you?

😀 😀 😀 My secret is so simple. It’s like a life motto for me. Eat Play Nap


What is the thing you just can’t resist?

Oh I totally can’t resist wet food. No matter where I am what I’m doing I can smell wet food and I can easily find it.


What do you think about kissing from humom and dad?

Eww… Those hoomans and their disgusting wet lips. Eww.. NO!


The Caterview Episode 2: Mutlu Happy Cat Family Ewww human kiss


Favorite Celebrity?

If we are talking about cat lovers, I’d prefer Norman Reedus, but I love Ricky Gervais as an animal lover. They are both so cool.


Favorite food?

Tuna.Tuna.Tuna. ” Hooman get me tuna please I’m in the middle of a caterview here!!!


Most annoying humom behavior, but you kinda like it?

When she touches me while I’m sleeping, I like it actually but it annoys me at the same time so I make that strange sound. I’ll try to take a video to show you what that sound is.

Can’t wait to see!


Your favorite toy? What make it so special?

I don’t have many toys, actually I stopped playing with toys when I was 8 months old or something, I started to think about some other stuff you know… girls and stuff 😀 Then a few weeks ago my pompoms are taken away from me 🙁 Oh god why?? Anyways, as my pompoms went, I stopped thinking about girls so I am back in game. I love da bird a lot right now.


The Caterview Episode 2: Mutlu Happy Cat Family Tweet Bird


What just happen?

I think I heard da bird!


I have heard you could do crossed eyes! That’s amazing!!!! How did you find out you had that gift?

Oh while I was chasing da bird, I realized I can do crossed eyes thing while I was eye tracking it. I think you just saw me did that.

Yep the whole reaction was quite………..something.


What get you most excited?

The door bell or the key sound behind the door makes me so excited. I rush to the door as I hear it and wait to see who is coming. If mom is at the door, I meow and ask her what she bought for me, then I check the bags.

Awww that’s so sweet of you! I know you just want to help mom carry those bag. Not about food at all.


What do you do when you can’t stand Bambi and Ygritte?

I spank them. Then I go and loaf somewhere they can see me. I give them my most horrifying “I am so angry right meow” look.


The Caterview Episode 2: Mutlu Happy Cat Family Cat annoying face


What’s the MOST Important thing cat parents around the world need to know?

They need to know a couple of important stuff but the most important thing is that “We are not some toy for kids, some plush, something you can get rid of anytime you want. We are a living creature. We think, we feel, we love, we suffer, we miss… But we can’t talk. All the cat parents should be aware of that we want to spend our short lives with you. We love you so much and of course tuna”


Who you want to see in The Caterview? and What do you want to know about him/her? 

I would love to see Zipper (@Zipper_The_Pig.) I want to know about his modeling carrier and see his behind the scenes. I hope you haven’t caterviewed him.


The Caterview Episode 2: Mutlu Happy Cat Family and Zipper The Pig


Hmmmmmm…he looks deli….I mean he looks very cute!


How can people see more of your adventurous life and family? 

Well, mostly we are active on Instagram @happycatfamily. We have a Facebook page not so active. I recommend Instagram 🙂

Thank you so much Mutlu! It has been very nice to have you in the Caterview. Please come back to my show anytime. Give a BIG KISSES to Bambi and Ygritte from me too!


There you have it my friends and furriends! I hope you learn a lot today. Let me know what you think on the comment section below!