Let It Snow! | Cow Cat First Snow

Hello my friends and furriends! This week I’m very EXCITED about what happening in my neighborhood!  It’s SNOWING!

I recently moved to Washington, D.C. from my hometown San Francisco. Of course I’m missing my SF home, but this week miracle happened here in my new home. I got to see my VERY FIRST SNOW!!!  And it’s so COOL (and COLD)! I moved just in time for a BLIZZARD! What a perfect time! 🙂


The Cow Cat | Let It Snow Cow Cat and Tabby Cat are watching their very first snow


At first, Soda and I thought there were tons of buggies flying outside the windows. We are screaming and trying to catch them but it was not easy to catch them we are in the house with the windows closed.  Why are there so many bugs in DC?

After about an hour of watching white bugs and making my neck muscles sore, daddy opened the window for us to touch those white bugs that’s piled up on in front of the window.  As a very curious cow kitty, I immediately slapped the bugs……. OMG!!!! The bugs were so cold!!!


The Cow Cat | Let It Snow Icy Snow Doesn't Taste Good


Daddy laughed. How mean!?! He told me the white bugs were called snow and they were my welcome snow to the East Coast. He also told me that those bugs were ice…yeah right daddy after I dipped my jelly bean toes into a pile of snow! I love ice water, and I like to help daddy drink his ice water when he leaves it on the coffee table. So, after I touched the snow, daddy grabbed some and let me have a taste. Hmmm, it was cold and icy, but maybe not so yummy.


As this week I’m publishing this post, we are in the middle of Blizzard! Don’t worry my friends I have about 100 cans of tuna, I’ll be just fine.But I would like you tell my friends who also are in the snow storm to stay warm inside. Have a lot of food stocked up, especially something fishy so your cat can enjoy them too!


And if you have to go outside, please wear layers especially cat hair layer because they are the best no-kill furr clothes and cheap! Daddy said we aren’t allowed to go outside though.


The Cow Cat | Let It Snow White Snow Catcher


Alright my friends and furriends, I have to go back to the window and be a snow watcher for my house.  Let me know your snow experience in the comment section below. And if you have a photo to share, feel free to share it with me and my friends on my Facebook Page. Until next time, stay warm and don’t dip your jelly bean toes in the snow like me!