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Help Foggy and Sunshine Find a Home Sweet Home | The Cow Cat
  Hello Hello Hello! Some of you might already know that we have temporary house members lately. They are my younger uncle and aunt. Foggy and Sunshine is now living with us because our grandma recently passed away. She is enjoying her peaceful time and drinking her favorite wine in heaven. We would love to keep them here and have a big family but our condo only allows us to have 2 pets as maximum.     We can’t send them back to a shelter either because they are not kittens and they have less chance to get adopted. And […]

Help Foggy And Sunshine Find A Home Sweet Home

The Cow Cat | Just like that, I'm disappeared
I had so much fun being interviewed by Katniss, Cat Reporter! I reallyhope you like it! Here is my full interview:   A photo posted by Scotch (@scotch_thecowcat) on Apr 2, 2016 at 6:04pm PDT   KATNISS: I’d like to start by saying that you have the most well-defined cow spots I’ve ever seen on a cat. Do you ever get mistaken for an actual Holstein? SCOTCH: First of all thank you for having me at this interview! I got that a lot. Some people even ask for my milk! …. So I host a milk pawty sometimes 😉   […]

The Cow Cat’s Interview By Katniss, Cat Reporter!

The Cow Cat Riding Air Plane - Ready to take off
Some of you might already know that Soda and I recently moved to Washington, D.C. I decided to write about my plane experience because daddy didn’t have a lot of information about how to take a cat on a plane. I think I should write my experience so you know what to expect if you have to take your cat on a plane.     I am a California boy. I was born on a farm in the Bay Area. The farm owner gave us to the ASPCA of San Francisco. I met Soda at the ASPCA and soon after that […]

Cow Cat Was In The Air: My Advice To A ...

The Cow Cat | Let It Snow White Snow Catcher
Hello my friends and furriends! This week I’m very EXCITED about what happening in my neighborhood!  It’s SNOWING! I recently moved to Washington, D.C. from my hometown San Francisco. Of course I’m missing my SF home, but this week miracle happened here in my new home. I got to see my VERY FIRST SNOW!!!  And it’s so COOL (and COLD)! I moved just in time for a BLIZZARD! What a perfect time! 🙂     At first, Soda and I thought there were tons of buggies flying outside the windows. We are screaming and trying to catch them but it was […]

Let It Snow! | Cow Cat First Snow

What Is My Breed? | The Cow Cat looking for his kitty breed
One of the most asked questions I’ve got in the past year is “What’s your breed?” Well my friends and furriends, I’m here to answer your question! I’m of the the variations of bicolor cats. People always get confused between a Tuxedo and a Cow Cat. The main difference between cow cats and tuxedo cats is how rich they are. Tuxedo cats are richer than cow cats since they wear expensive full tuxedos. Cow cats on the other hand, have to sew tiny black pieces of fabric to make an outfit. So that’s why Tuxedo cats are rich cousins of […]

What Is My Breed?

The Cow Cat & Friend | Where Is Our Catnip Funny Holidays Card
  Happy Holidays my friends and furriends! Are you ready for this best time of the year? It is fast approaching. I’ve got all my shopping done for my daddy and Soda. I have some mousys, birdies, and cat nip to give to my loved ones! I’ve also been helping daddy wrap some gifts this year. I make sure the wrapping paper smells and tastes ok, and that the boxes will be tough enough for packing. This is not an easy job my furriends! I’m exhausted now! Last week I asked my Facebook friends to submit cat photos because I […]

HAPPY FLUFFY HOLIDAYS! From The Cow Cat and Furriends

The Caterview Episode 3: Zena and Shera "The Yin Yang Sisters"
Hi friends and furriends! Guess what….It’s time for The Caterview again! This episode I got a chance to catch up with my good (and famous) furriends Zena and Shera. Read on to laugh while enjoying cat insights from this super cute Yin Yang Sisters!     Hi Zena and Shera! I’m so excited to have you guys on The Caterview! First of all, why don’t you tell the audients a bit about yourself? I mean both if you. Zena: Well I’m 2/12 years old and I’m a mini house panther. I was named after a character in an old T.V […]

The Caterview Episode 3: Zena and Shera “The Yin Yang ...

Are Cats Smart? How Smart Are They? | The Cow Cat Cover Photo
  People always say dogs are smart animals. They are right. Many dogs are very smart animals. But, they don’t deserve all the credit. People say cats are aloof, not smart, and not friendly. True enough at times. Your cat typically loves you when it needs something. The dog, loves you most of the time. But, dogs have their drawbacks too, and cats, well, may be smarter than you think.   Have you ever heard the phrase, smell like a wet dog? You have probably said it yourself as well. And, you know full well it’s not a compliment. When […]

Are Cats Smart? How Smart Are They?

Finally, it’s time for the Caterview episode 2!!! If you are wondering why it took me awhile to finish this episode, it’s because I had to travel to Turkey to interview my famous guest for this episode. OK let’s get to the Caterview cause I can’t wait no more!     Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself? Well, my name is Mutlu and I’m 1 year old. My hooman thinks I’m a tabby-bengal mix.  We live in northwestern Turkey.   How did you find your super mom? Actually, my parents’ friend found me when I was a […]

The Caterview Episode 2: Mutlu Happy Cat Family