The Cow Cat | Just like that, I'm disappeared
I had so much fun being interviewed by Katniss, Cat Reporter! I reallyhope you like it! Here is my full interview:   A photo posted by Scotch (@scotch_thecowcat) on Apr 2, 2016 at 6:04pm PDT   KATNISS: I’d like to start by saying that you have the most well-defined cow spots I’ve ever seen on a cat. Do you ever get mistaken for an actual Holstein? SCOTCH: First of all thank you for having me at this interview! I got that a lot. Some people even ask for my milk! …. So I host a milk pawty sometimes 😉   […]

The Cow Cat’s Interview By Katniss, Cat Reporter!

What Is My Breed? | The Cow Cat looking for his kitty breed
One of the most asked questions I’ve got in the past year is “What’s your breed?” Well my friends and furriends, I’m here to answer your question! I’m of the the variations of bicolor cats. People always get confused between a Tuxedo and a Cow Cat. The main difference between cow cats and tuxedo cats is how rich they are. Tuxedo cats are richer than cow cats since they wear expensive full tuxedos. Cow cats on the other hand, have to sew tiny black pieces of fabric to make an outfit. So that’s why Tuxedo cats are rich cousins of […]

What Is My Breed?

The Caterview Episode 3: Zena and Shera "The Yin Yang Sisters"
Hi friends and furriends! Guess what….It’s time for The Caterview again! This episode I got a chance to catch up with my good (and famous) furriends Zena and Shera. Read on to laugh while enjoying cat insights from this super cute Yin Yang Sisters!     Hi Zena and Shera! I’m so excited to have you guys on The Caterview! First of all, why don’t you tell the audients a bit about yourself? I mean both if you. Zena: Well I’m 2/12 years old and I’m a mini house panther. I was named after a character in an old T.V […]

The Caterview Episode 3: Zena and Shera “The Yin Yang ...

The Cow Cat Crowdfunding Project Filming
  Hello all my cute furry friends (and not furry too)!  Last was a busy week for me.  Last week, I directed and starred in a short video to launch our #Cute4Kind campaign which will be launch soon on Indiegogo.  I had to memorize my lines, work with our makeup people to make me even cuter, and after many many takes, we finally finished our video!  I’ll work on editing it soon!  Our #Cute4Kind project is seeking your help to fund the #Cute4Kind website where we can post more cute videos of our furry friends, where you can post your own […]

#Cute4Kind Crowdfunding Project Filming

The Cow Cat thank you so much! Let's make the world CUTER together
Thank You Very Much! Thanks for stopping by my cute cat blog!  I want to raise awareness for all cute animals, not just a cute kitty like me!  People say I look like a cow, and I’m called a cow cat.  I can tell you when I get upset, my cow horns show, lol.  With this project, I want to raise awareness for all the other cute animals that are in need of a good home, whether they are in a shelter or elsewhere.   With your support, we can make a difference and help many cute cats and other animals […]

It’s Time To Make The World Cuter!