It’s Time To Make The World Cuter!

The Cow Cat thank you so much! Let's make the world CUTER together

Thank You Very Much!

Thanks for stopping by my cute cat blog!  I want to raise awareness for all cute animals, not just a cute kitty like me!  People say I look like a cow, and I’m called a cow cat.  I can tell you when I get upset, my cow horns show, lol.  With this project, I want to raise awareness for all the other cute animals that are in need of a good home, whether they are in a shelter or elsewhere.   With your support, we can make a difference and help many cute cats and other animals find a loving home like my sister Soda and I did!  When I was in the shelter, someone adopted me, but later found out I was sick, so they decided not to adopt me.  I was in a room all by myself.  I saw my current owner and I kept banging on the glass and saying “meow” so he would see me and how much I wanted to go home!  The shelter told my owner I was sick and that I still needed a home because the previous people didn’t want me, so he took me home with Soda, and some medicine, and here I am today!  People lead a happier life when surrounded by cute and loving animals, and I know it makes my life better to have a loving family.

The Cow Cat Cute4Kind Campaign spread Cuteness of Cats and Pets for Kindness

Cute4Kind Project

Be a part of The Cow Cat community by sharing your cute kitty story or your funny cat pictures using #Cute4Kind on your favorite social media sites.  You can also look at photos with #Cute4Kind by me and my furry friends on Cute4Kind page.  I’m always getting into some sort of mischief and somehow there is always a camera to capture it!  I’m always excited when I get new friends, and I love to see the pictures you post and read your comments. So lets’ make the world cuter together with me 🙂

The Cow Cat Nose Spots cute cat with spots

The Cow Cat Facts

As I got older, I grew more spots all over!  Do you see the spot in the shape of a heart on my back?  The spots on my nose keep getting bigger and I may have a black nose someday!


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