The Cow Cat’s Interview By Katniss, Cat Reporter!

I had so much fun being interviewed by Katniss, Cat Reporter! I reallyhope you like it! Here is my full interview:


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KATNISS: I’d like to start by saying that you have the most well-defined cow spots I’ve ever seen on a cat. Do you ever get mistaken for an actual Holstein?
SCOTCH: First of all thank you for having me at this interview! I got that a lot. Some people even ask for my milk! …. So I host a milk pawty sometimes 😉


KATNISS: My sister, Bebe, is somewhat cow-spotted. For Halloween one year, the Humans made her wear a little cow-spotted hat with horns, a cow bell and a pink udder. Have you ever been subjected to this kind of humiliation?
SCOTCH: OH MYYYYY! I can’t imagine what went through Bebe’s mind lol. I’ve never had that kind of experience and I hope I won’t. Daddy tried to put a sweat shirt on me one time but seemed like I was a bit too big. But I kind of like to wear wigs. Last year for Halloween I was Tina Turner 😉 Basically I like when people put stuff on my body. I let it hang on my body for a while before trying to prove if it’s edible.



KATNISS: Earlier this year, I interviewed your friend Sophie the Model. Like you, she is a spokeskitty for the charity Cute4Kind. (Did you launch this charity?) Can you tell me more about this organization?

SCOTCH: The Cute4Kind Movement was originally created by my dad and his friends. Since I was lucky to get adopted, they wanted me to help other animals in shelters and even on streets to get adopted like me and Soda (my lil sister.) Together with my PAWSOME furriends like Sophie the Model, we have created this movement to raise cute awareness that adopted/rescued animals are as PURRFECT as other expensive breeds. So please consider adoption and not shopping for a pet. You can join our movement by simply using #Cute4Kind with your adopted/rescue baby on your favorite Social Media and don’t forget to visit for heartwarming adoption/rescue stories.


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KATNISS: I noticed in your bio that your “Best Day” is when a bug flies into the house. Mine, too! I just ate a moth yesterday. Tell me, do you chatter at the bugs? And do you eat them, too?
SCOTCH: REALLY?!?! How was that? When flies fly into our house, I try to talk to them first with my high pitched voice. Usually I don’t hear back from them. So I assume they don’t want to be my friends. I usually don’t get to try them because once I make that high pitched voice, daddy will try to help them get out of the house. What a bummer!


KATNISS: I’m not the only cat interviewer here. You have done a series of Caterviews on your website with the cats Zena and Shera, Sophie the Model and Mutlu of Happy Cat Family. Do you consider yourself a cat journalist, too, or more of a talk show host?
SCOTCH: I won’t say I’m a cat journalist. That’s you and you are doing a great job! I’m more of a talk show host. My Caterview is like hanging out with my good friends and we tell our cat secrets and opinions in our perspective to educate humoms and hudads!


KATNISS: What are your plans for the rest of the day?
SCOTCH: You know I’m quite a busy cat. I still have 16 hours of napping (I took 2 hours earlier,) Then I have to chase Soda, but I’ve never get her cause she is so fast. Then I will have about 5 more dinners. I’m going approve my human’s food to make sure there is no poison. And last but not least, I will scream at 3 am for no reason… you know just to wake everyone up then I’m good.


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