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The Cow Cat | Just like that, I'm disappeared
I had so much fun being interviewed by Katniss, Cat Reporter! I reallyhope you like it! Here is my full interview:   A photo posted by Scotch (@scotch_thecowcat) on Apr 2, 2016 at 6:04pm PDT   KATNISS: I’d like to start by saying that you have the most well-defined cow spots I’ve ever seen on a cat. Do you ever get mistaken for an actual Holstein? SCOTCH: First of all thank you for having me at this interview! I got that a lot. Some people even ask for my milk! …. So I host a milk pawty sometimes 😉   […]

The Cow Cat’s Interview By Katniss, Cat Reporter!

The Cow Cat & Friend | Where Is Our Catnip Funny Holidays Card
  Happy Holidays my friends and furriends! Are you ready for this best time of the year? It is fast approaching. I’ve got all my shopping done for my daddy and Soda. I have some mousys, birdies, and cat nip to give to my loved ones! I’ve also been helping daddy wrap some gifts this year. I make sure the wrapping paper smells and tastes ok, and that the boxes will be tough enough for packing. This is not an easy job my furriends! I’m exhausted now! Last week I asked my Facebook friends to submit cat photos because I […]

HAPPY FLUFFY HOLIDAYS! From The Cow Cat and Furriends

The Cow Cat It's kitties grooming day Scotch bath time
Hi all my cute kitty friends and owners! It’s grooming day, and I can say I’m not too impressed. My daddy likes to keep my nails trimmed, but it really is hard for me to scratch up anything afterwards. But, I know I’ll get some nice treats afterward, so I put up with it. Sometimes, I get to go outside on our deck and daddy will brush me with a deshedding brush, and I kind of like it. I like to chase the fur in the wind and try and catch it after I get brushed. My sister doesn’t like […]

It’s Kitties Grooming day!

Scotch The Cow Cat Valentine eCard Big Kiss on Post
It’s Valentine’s day! The best holiday of the year (for cats everyday is a holiday). There is nothing better than sending funny cat pictures and kitty eCards to your loved one on the love day. And because this is a very special day, I would like to give you a big Valentine kiss. Valentine is all about giving love to your loved one. I hope my human & kitty friends everywhere in the world get a lot of love and be very happy. And because I love all of you so much, would you be my Valentine? If you would […]

It’s Valentine’s day!