A Vacumm Cleaner: Cat's Let Favorite Loud Creature
Happy Caturday everyone! I have fun cat fact for you today that I think will apply to most of my furry friends. It is called a vacuum cleaner and it is a loud creature. I don’t like it when it comes out of the closet, but I do like to hide under the couch or chair and watch its every move. My “sister” Soda absolutely is terrified of it and once she sees it come out of the closet, she crouches down on all four legs, belly almost hitting the floor, and scurries off to hide under the bed until […]

A Vacuum Cleaner: Cow Cat’s Least Favorite Loud Creature

The Cow Cat With Favorite Mousy Beg Face
  Hello my cute furry (and not furry) friends!  Today I want to talk about training.  I’m working hard to train my dad to fetch my mouse and play with me.  The other day, I was lying on the floor by my mousie, I looked over at my daddy who was watching tv, he smiled, and kept watching tv.  I went over and nipped daddy on the leg and ran back and sat down by my mousie.  Daddy came over and picked it up and played with me.  It took him years to learn that trick, which is exhausting.  Let’s […]

How To Train Your Owner by Scotch TheCowCat

The Cow Cat Crowdfunding Project Filming
  Hello all my cute furry friends (and not furry too)!  Last was a busy week for me.  Last week, I directed and starred in a short video to launch our #Cute4Kind campaign which will be launch soon on Indiegogo.  I had to memorize my lines, work with our makeup people to make me even cuter, and after many many takes, we finally finished our video!  I’ll work on editing it soon!  Our #Cute4Kind project is seeking your help to fund the #Cute4Kind website where we can post more cute videos of our furry friends, where you can post your own […]

#Cute4Kind Crowdfunding Project Filming

Scotch The Cow Cat Valentine eCard Big Kiss on Post
It’s Valentine’s day! The best holiday of the year (for cats everyday is a holiday). There is nothing better than sending funny cat pictures and kitty eCards to your loved one on the love day. And because this is a very special day, I would like to give you a big Valentine kiss. Valentine is all about giving love to your loved one. I hope my human & kitty friends everywhere in the world get a lot of love and be very happy. And because I love all of you so much, would you be my Valentine? If you would […]

It’s Valentine’s day!

Lighter Year The Cow Cat New Year eCard on Post
It’s time to say Happy New Year 2015! I’m so excited for the New Year that’s coming. For I have heard that some cats and people had a heavy year, but I’m sure 2015 will be a great year for everyone! In the past year, I was so happy purring, so I ate a lot. But I will start my 2015 with my New Year resolution that will make me a healthy kitty. You can use my New Year resolution too! And feel free to share because good&cute thing is for sharing 🙂 As requested, I’ve updated my eCards from […]

Happy New Cats Year 2015!