#Cute4Kind Crowdfunding Project Filming

The Cow Cat Crowdfunding Project Filming


Hello all my cute furry friends (and not furry too)!  Last was a busy week for me.  Last week, I directed and starred in a short video to launch our #Cute4Kind campaign which will be launch soon on Indiegogo.  I had to memorize my lines, work with our makeup people to make me even cuter, and after many many takes, we finally finished our video!  I’ll work on editing it soon!  Our #Cute4Kind project is seeking your help to fund the #Cute4Kind website where we can post more cute videos of our furry friends, where you can post your own #Cute4Kind story sharing to the world, and help build an online store where you can purchase cute products and have the proceeds go to various animal charities.  Look for more information soon on our #Cute4Kind project!  After all this hard work this week, I’m ready for my cat nap!

Cute4Kind Cover Without Logo The Cow Cat


The Cow Cat Facts:

I like to talk!  When daddy gets up in the morning, I always say good morning to him and we chat while he brushes his teeth (But I hate the smell of his toothpaste).  I like to say hello throughout the day and see how he is doing.  Sometimes in the evening and at night, I like to sing loudly!  I’ll sing for a while but I always get asked to be quiet!  I guess some people don’t appreciate a good voice when they hear one!

The Cow Cat Crowdfunding Project Filming Singing Happy