The Caterview Episode 3: Zena and Shera “The Yin Yang Sisters”

Hi friends and furriends! Guess what….It’s time for The Caterview again!

This episode I got a chance to catch up with my good (and famous) furriends Zena and Shera. Read on to laugh while enjoying cat insights from this super cute Yin Yang Sisters!


The Caterview Episode 3: Zena and Shera "The Yin Yang Sisters"


Hi Zena and Shera! I’m so excited to have you guys on The Caterview! First of all, why don’t you tell the audients a bit about yourself? I mean both if you.

Zena: Well I’m 2/12 years old and I’m a mini house panther. I was named after a character in an old T.V show called “Xena the princess warrior” (it’s ok if you’ve never heard of it, huMom is old and I’ve never seen it either lol). She said I reminded her of Xena because of my gorgeous black locks, but mom changed the spelling because she said I was special. I also really enjoy meowdeling for the camera although I’m much more humble than my diva little sister.

Shera: I’m 2 years old and some people (mom and cat dad) call me white lighting because I’m super-fast and svelte.. I breeze by like a lightning bolt! Mom named me Shera after a character in an old cartoon called “He-Man and She-ra” (again don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of it, this shows older than the one Zena is named after 😉 The character is a strong minded warrior, kind of like me so my name is purrfect. I usually get what I want, not to sound like a brat but if the paw fits.


How did you guys become super cute members of your family?

Zena: I was adopted on Friday the 13th from the Best friend’s animal shelter in LA. It was the purrfect day for black cats to be adopted, in case you didn’t know we’re good luck! Despite the ugly rumors you may have heard. Mom says I had the cutest little face.. we locked eyes and the rest is history. Now I spend my day’s meowdeling, napping and playing with my sis.

Shera: Well mom and dad’s neighbor found me in an alley on the streets of Long Beach when I was about 5 months old. My real mom was feral and I was a little rough around the edges meowself. I was supposed to only be a foster until humom could find me a home but everypawdy fell in love with me, especially my big sister Zena. We became instant bffs.


The Caterview Episode 3: Zena and Shera "The Yin Yang Sisters" Black Cat is the best!


Most favorite thing on earth?

Zena: Humom. I must admit I’m a momma’s girl. Making biscuits (kneading) on mom’s lap is probably my favorite thing to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon. After that I would say playing with my favorite toy, Da’bird feather wand. It really gets my heart racing..gotta keep up my girlish figure.

Shera: It’s really tough to choose just one thing but I would have to say my ‘dried shrimp treats’.. I go nuts for them. After that it would have to be Cat Dad, I’m definitely a daddy’s girl. I love when he gets home from work, I run to him and we play games.


I’ve heard you guys are obsessed with a yoga mat. Is this rumor true?
Yes Scotch these rumors are absolutely true! We’ve both been doing yoga with mom since day one but it wasn’t until recently that we became serious. Mom brought us home our very own yoga mats from Cat Con 2015 courtesy of @felineyogi. Now every morning we go out on to the catio and do yoga together on our mats. It really helps us stay in shape so we can be great meowdels and look good in front of the camera, plus it’s so much fun!


The Caterview Episode 3: Zena and Shera "The Yin Yang Sisters" Cats with Yoga Mat


Pineapple or Pumpkin?
Well we’ve both had our run in’s with each one. Shera doesn’t seem to mind either or, but I (Zena) really just don’t trust either one. If I HAD to choose I’d say pineapple believe it or not.


What get you guys most excited? And why?

Zena: Bugs. Definitely bugs.. Moths, fly’s, spiders whatever I can find. It’s always been a passion of mine and I feel it brings out my wild side and keeps me in shape. As you may already have gotten the vibe, health and fitness is very important to me.

Shera: Bugs are great but lately it’s been cruising around the neighborhood in my new pet stroller. I love the new smells, fresh air and meeting new friends. As well as going out into the hallway of our condo. Were both inside cats so getting to go in the hallway lets us experience a new surrounding while keeping us safe from the dangers that outside can bring. I’m kind of obsessed with the hallway right now.


Most annoying humom/dad’s behavior, but you kinda like it?

The camera. The momarazzi definitely gets old after a while. Especially when we’re trying to groom or have a private snuggle session, she’s ALWAYS there! But at the end of the day we do love the attention and love the finished product. You can see a lot of our meowdeling pics on our Instagram account @zena_and_shera.


The Caterview Episode 3: Zena and Shera "The Yin Yang Sisters" Cats love photo taking


Running around at 3 am for no reason or screaming for food while the bowls are 3 quarter full? Or both?

Zena: Well I’m not really food driven and I honestly don’t run around all crazy unless egged on by my little sister Shera. Not to sound like a prude but I’m actually a very well behaved cat, despite what you may have heard. Cat dad calls me a “meowdel citizen”.

Shera: I will have to admit I’m the complete opposite of my sister Zena. That’s probably why people call us ‘yin and yang’. I do all of the above, zoomies at 3am, crying for treats, yelling to go in the hallway and I even kick Cat dad out of his favorite chair so he has to lay on ground. Not saying I’m proud of everything but it is what it is.. I’m a rebel.


I’ve heard you guys are pawty animals! Can you tell us some tips about how to be fabulous in every pawty we walk into?

Definitely the first rule would be to never show up empty pawed.. Always be a gracious guest or host and have plenty of tunatinis, treats or meow-mosa’s to go around. Also be social, never exclude anypawdy from an event or pawty, our moto is the more the merrier.. Or if you’re the guest always give a meow to or head bump to all the other pawty animals attending. And last always look your best, make sure your outfit is on point or if you don’t like to dress up like me (Zena) then always make sure your fur is well groomed and those whiskers are on fleek! Oh and I (Shera) want to add to have your dance moves down before you get there.. If anypawdy needs any tips I’d be happy to help.

I definitely need you to teach me some sexy dance moves!


The Caterview Episode 3: Zena and Shera "The Yin Yang Sisters" Pawty animals. Party like a pro.


Ok this might create a fight later but I really want to know. This is for you Zena, what is Shera’s secret that nobody knows about?

Zena: Well I’m probably gonna be in a lot of trouble later but Scotch your such a great host and I feel very comfortable with you so here it goes.. During my last B-day pawty where I turned 2 we had a fiesta #zenasbirthdayfiesta on IG. During all the excitement and picture taking, Shera pooped on her fluffy pants and mom had to chase her around with a baby wipe and rinse her off. So basically Shera pooped her pants at my party! Phew I’m gonna have to sleep with one eye open after that one.


The Caterview Episode 3: Zena and Shera "The Yin Yang Sisters" Cat's secrets out and they are quite a secret.


OH MY!!!! That was quite a secret! It’s your turn Shera. What is Zena’s secret?

Shera: Despite all Zena’s talk about hunting bugs she’s really not that good at it..she mostly meows at them and paws them around a bit, so lame. I go in for the kill; it’s all or nothing with me.


What is the MOST Important thing cat parents around the world need to know?

Definitely patience and understanding, we’re all so different with unique purrsonalities it’s very important to recognize us as individuals. Listen to our needs we will defiantly tell you in our own special way. And most importantly to spay or neuter us because nopawdy likes a tramp. Also if you’re thinking about becoming new pet parents “adopt don’t shop” there are so many loving pets in shelters that need and deserve homes. And keep in mind black cats are just as awesome if not more so, I mean we’re mini panthers for goodness sake. But we’re the least likely to be adopted, it’s just crazy.


I’ve heard about LE Cats and I know you guys are big supporters. Can you tell us more about the LE Cats and how people and kitties can find out more?

Yes, LECats stands for League of Extra Ordinary cats @league_of_extraordinarycats. It’s group of extra ordinary cats uniting together to help cats in need. Our motto is “gaining followers is never a priority..Helping cats is”. They are a wonderful group dedicated to raising money, giving shout outs or bringing awareness to all types of cats and situations. Weather it be a shelter in need of funds or supplies, a cattery or an individual cat that needs help with medical costs or finding a home. We hold fundraisers, auctions and do fun giveaways all in the name of helping those in need. I suggest everypawdy stop in and check them out. We are honored to be a part of the League just like it is a privilege to be a part of Cute4Kind and its cause.

Well you guys are truly EXTRAORINARY!!!


The Caterview Episode 3: Zena and Shera "The Yin Yang Sisters" Extraordinary cats helping kitties.


Why do humans should consider adopting animals?

There are so many sweet and loving animals in shelters that desperately need homes. It saves lives in more ways than one. Not only are you saving the life of the pet you adopt but by adopting you are helping the shelters stay open and creating room for more animals to be rescued and have a chance at finding homes. It’s a win win. I was adopted (Zena) and It was the best thing that’s ever happened to me and my family.


Last but not least, who do you want to see in The Caterview? And what do you want to know about him/her?

We both would love to see @Mrfuzztonksandlupin on the show. They are a pawsome family and we would love to get to know them better. We want the full scoop. Favorite activates favorite foods and most exciting moments. We know there have been some big things going on in the house with a new family member “Lupin” and we’d like to hear how big sister “Tonks” has adapted. From the looks of it, it looks like it’s going pretty well.


Some of you (audiences) might already know that Zena and Shera are #Cute4Kind ambassadors.
And for that reason we salute both of you! It has been a pleasure having you guys on The Caterview. Please come back to visit us sometime. Thank you very very much Zena and Shera! We will continue to be your friends and fans! 

Thank you Scotch! We’ve had a blast on the show, thank you for having us and we’d love to give a shout out to all of our pawsome friends on IG hey guys! And remember to #adoptdontshop you won’t regret it!


The Caterview Episode 3: Zena and Shera "The Yin Yang Sisters" Thank you very much. Come back anytime.