What Is My Breed?

One of the most asked questions I’ve got in the past year is “What’s your breed?”

Well my friends and furriends, I’m here to answer your question! I’m of the the variations of bicolor cats. People always get confused between a Tuxedo and a Cow Cat. The main difference between cow cats and tuxedo cats is how rich they are. Tuxedo cats are richer than cow cats since they wear expensive full tuxedos. Cow cats on the other hand, have to sew tiny black pieces of fabric to make an outfit. So that’s why Tuxedo cats are rich cousins of cow cats. Haha, of course I’m teasing my cute friends. Read on…


What Is My Breed? | The Cow Cat looking for his kitty breed


Basically black and white cats are called bicolor cats. If you want more specific terms of the cow cat pattern, we usually have patterns called “Cap-and-Saddle” and “Mask-and-Mantle” according to Wikipedia. Cap-and-Saddle has more white than I do, and the mask-and-mantle pattern has more black from head to tail. I will say I’m somewhat in-between these two patterns, and am a domestic short hair breed. But it really doesn’t matter, I LOVE all patterns anyways!


One thing that might be interesting to know is that cow cats have a BIG personality! I’ve heard about this many times from many cow cat owners and of course my dad.


What Is My Breed? | The Cow Cat Black and white cats come with big personality


However if you are thinking adopting a cat, I would suggest you to consider my most favorite 2 breeds. They are called Adopt and Rescue Breeds. They are one of the most loving pets I’ve ever seen!


Some of you might already know I’m also an Adopt breed. In fact, my sister and I were the last kittens from the litters at SPCA San Francisco that day. And let me tell you this. We LOVE our humans so much because we know what it was like to be abandoned. Also when you adopt animals from a shelter, a shelter will have more space to save even more homeless cats and dogs. How cool is that! 🙂


What Is My Breed? | The Cow Cat keep a yoga mat warm


There you have the answer my friends. And if you have more questions about cow cats or any cat thoughts, let me know in the comment section below so I can help you to understand what we think. I might put your question on The Caterview too!