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Help Foggy and Sunshine Find a Home Sweet Home | The Cow Cat
  Hello Hello Hello! Some of you might already know that we have temporary house members lately. They are my younger uncle and aunt. Foggy and Sunshine is now living with us because our grandma recently passed away. She is enjoying her peaceful time and drinking her favorite wine in heaven. We would love to keep them here and have a big family but our condo only allows us to have 2 pets as maximum.     We can’t send them back to a shelter either because they are not kittens and they have less chance to get adopted. And […]

Help Foggy And Sunshine Find A Home Sweet Home

The Caterview Episode 3: Zena and Shera "The Yin Yang Sisters"
Hi friends and furriends! Guess what….It’s time for The Caterview again! This episode I got a chance to catch up with my good (and famous) furriends Zena and Shera. Read on to laugh while enjoying cat insights from this super cute Yin Yang Sisters!     Hi Zena and Shera! I’m so excited to have you guys on The Caterview! First of all, why don’t you tell the audients a bit about yourself? I mean both if you. Zena: Well I’m 2/12 years old and I’m a mini house panther. I was named after a character in an old T.V […]

The Caterview Episode 3: Zena and Shera “The Yin Yang ...

The Caterview with The Cow Cat
    Finally!!!! It’s time to reveal what I have been working on behind the scenes for a while. Nope..I’m not talking about my 18 hour beauty nap. I’m talking about “The Caterview”! In the past 10 months, I have been writing kitty stories based on my personal experience. As I’ve been making new friends on my website, Facebook and Instagram everyday, I realized that all of my friends are cat lovers, indeed, many of my friends are cat parents just like my daddy!   So I think, would it be good to share not only my cow cat experience, […]

The Caterview With The Cow Cat

The Last Cow Cat | The Cow Cat Scotch when he was a kitten
  Hi Everyone! Today I wanted to reflect back about what a lucky cat I am! I was born with 7 brothers and sisters. We were all taken to the animal shelter soon after we were born. We were all still very little, too small to be adopted yet. We were very scared with our new surroundings and we didn’t understand what was going on. Our whole litter was full of cute kittens and we were all desperate to get out of there and go someplace safe and warm. How did such a fate happen to a group of cute […]

The Last Cow Cat

May Cow Cat Sniff Your Food? | The Cow Cat Scotch Smells Hams
  Hello everyone, it’s Scotch here to put some cuteness into your day! Do you know your furry friend has super hearing, smell, and eyesight? I can hear when you get a can of tuna, or soup, or something with a lid on it, out of the pantry. I hear the lid come off the top of the can and before you know it, I’m meowing at your feet. Actually, I’m trying to climb straight up to the counter while I’m yelling at you to feed me! I just have to have whatever you are having, or at least smell […]

May Cow Kitty Sniff Your Food?