May Cow Kitty Sniff Your Food?

May Cow Cat Sniff Your Food? | The Cow Cat Scotch Smells Hams


Hello everyone, it’s Scotch here to put some cuteness into your day! Do you know your furry friend has super hearing, smell, and eyesight?May Cow Cat Sniff Your Food? | The Cow Cat Scotch Hears Can Opened I can hear when you get a can of tuna, or soup, or something with a lid on it, out of the pantry. I hear the lid come off the top of the can and before you know it, I’m meowing at your feet. Actually, I’m trying to climb straight up to the counter while I’m yelling at you to feed me! I just have to have whatever you are having, or at least smell what you are having. Sometimes, it works and daddy will give me a piece of tuna from the can if that is what he has. If he drops it on the floor, I immediately run around and I can’t find it.


Daddy says, “It is right there, look, look, I’m pointing”. Once he points at it 6 or 7 times, I think I finally see it. I don’t know why, but suddenly I can’t see it or smell it. Finally, daddy will push me over to it and put my nose by it. Wow! There it is; how did it get there? Now when daddy wants to give me some food, he will put it in my dish. I always see it there. How many of my furry friends have the same issue? Once the food is on the floor, I can’t find it unless it’s pointed out many times to me!


May Cow Cat Sniff Your Food? | The Cow Cat Whenever Food Is On The Counter, It Is Mine


If daddy isn’t having tuna, I still try to climb up the cupboard and get to the counter. I always get a smell of what was in the can. Usually it is awful and I can’t imagine eating it. Humans have some awful taste in food don’t they my cute friends? Well, I think if you are a dog, maybe you’ll eat most anything, but us cats, well, we have discriminating taste! I can also hear you open the bag that contains either ham or turkey. I get pretty excited about that and I’m good at begging for a piece. I also like to sit in daddy’s lap when he eats a pickle. I don’t want one, but whenever he eats one, I stop what I’m doing and I jump up in his lap, curl up, and turn my head to watch him eat the pickle. He always lets me smell it, and once I licked it! Yuk. I don’t like dill pickles. But it is our bonding time now. I hope daddy never runs out of pickles.


May Cow Cat Sniff Your Food? | The Cow Cat Pickles And Daddy Are The Best