how to save our owner by The Cow Cat Under Couch Cap
  Hello friends! I’m a busy kitty as you know. In addition to managing a couple of websites, making cute cat videos, and getting my required naps, there are lots of things lurking around my apartment that I need to take care of. As you may know, the plastic lid to a water bottle can be a dangerous thing. The minute you put it down on the table and take a drink of whatever is in the bottle, I’m up on the table and will bat the cap around until it is on the hardwood floor. From there, I manage […]

How To Save Our Owners From Danger

Scotch The Cow Cat With Water In The Bath Room
Hello my furry and (non-furry) friends. I want to talk about water today. I’m sure you have all seen those cute cat videos of cats getting a bath. Maybe I’ll make one too someday, oh wait, maybe not! I love to drink water. I’ve love to drink water ever since I was a kitten. I like it ice cold the best. When daddy fills my bowl up with fresh cold water, I get excited and have a drink. I also like to jump into the bathtub after someone takes a shower. I will play with the little bit of water […]

Water Is My Best Friend…Sometimes

The Moving Red Spot Laser : Kitty's Best Friend The Cow Cat And His Sister Are Having A Good Time
Hi there, it’s your furry kitty friend Scotch here to brighten your day! I have a bone to pick with you, and it is in the form of a little red dot. Let’s talk about that little red dot shall we? Where does it come from? It is very elusive, but I’ll get it one of these days. Ever since I was a kitten, I’ve been trying to capture it. I know when it is coming; I can hear a rattle as it comes out of the drawer where it hides. There it is! Run! Tap, tap, tap on the […]

The Moving Red Spot: Cow Cat’s Best Friend

The Cow Cat sister Soda two cats that make the world cuter
Hello my cute furry (and not furry) friends!  Today I want to talk Soda. No, not soda pop, but Soda, my  kitty “sister”.  (Personally I don’t like soda pop; I prefer a dirty martini that I taste by dipping my paw into the glass and having a taste). My sister is a fussy little kitty. She will look at me play with others with watchful eyes, wanting to be a part of the action. Then when I do engage her to play, or when daddy does, she gets all fussy and meows and wants down immediately.  She is good at […]

My Kitty Sister “Soda” AKA My Partner In Crime

The Cow Cat It's kitties grooming day Scotch bath time
Hi all my cute kitty friends and owners! It’s grooming day, and I can say I’m not too impressed. My daddy likes to keep my nails trimmed, but it really is hard for me to scratch up anything afterwards. But, I know I’ll get some nice treats afterward, so I put up with it. Sometimes, I get to go outside on our deck and daddy will brush me with a deshedding brush, and I kind of like it. I like to chase the fur in the wind and try and catch it after I get brushed. My sister doesn’t like […]

It’s Kitties Grooming day!

The Cow Cat thank you so much! Let's make the world CUTER together
Thank You Very Much! Thanks for stopping by my cute cat blog!  I want to raise awareness for all cute animals, not just a cute kitty like me!  People say I look like a cow, and I’m called a cow cat.  I can tell you when I get upset, my cow horns show, lol.  With this project, I want to raise awareness for all the other cute animals that are in need of a good home, whether they are in a shelter or elsewhere.   With your support, we can make a difference and help many cute cats and other animals […]

It’s Time To Make The World Cuter!