We cats want to help you do laundry | The Cow Cat
Have you ever wondered why we are so excited when you do the laundry? I’m sure you’ve notice that your dog doesn’t care at all. We are super clean and we want to help our human friends be super clean too!     Basket Keeper We want to make sure you have all dirty clothes out of the basket, which is why we run into the dirty clothes basket right away after you empty it. We will sit there watching through the basket the whole washing process because we care about you so much. We just can’t take our eyes off […]

We Cats Want To Help You Do Laundry!

How To Be A Better Communicator With Your Cat | The Cow Cat Give A Dirty Look
  Do you have trouble communicating with your little furry friend? Do you not understand what we are trying to ask or say? I’m not surprised. We can understand you, but often we notice you don’t seem to have a clue what we are talking about. Fortunately for you, I’m here to help!   First of all, when I’m taking a nap and you come over and ask how I’m doing, or call my name, or make too much noise, or bump into where I’m sleeping, and I crack open one eye and give you the look of death, it […]

How To Be A Better Communicator With Cats

how to save our owner by The Cow Cat Under Couch Cap
  Hello friends! I’m a busy kitty as you know. In addition to managing a couple of websites, making cute cat videos, and getting my required naps, there are lots of things lurking around my apartment that I need to take care of. As you may know, the plastic lid to a water bottle can be a dangerous thing. The minute you put it down on the table and take a drink of whatever is in the bottle, I’m up on the table and will bat the cap around until it is on the hardwood floor. From there, I manage […]

How To Save Our Owners From Danger

A Vacumm Cleaner: Cat's Let Favorite Loud Creature
Happy Caturday everyone! I have fun cat fact for you today that I think will apply to most of my furry friends. It is called a vacuum cleaner and it is a loud creature. I don’t like it when it comes out of the closet, but I do like to hide under the couch or chair and watch its every move. My “sister” Soda absolutely is terrified of it and once she sees it come out of the closet, she crouches down on all four legs, belly almost hitting the floor, and scurries off to hide under the bed until […]

A Vacuum Cleaner: Cow Cat’s Least Favorite Loud Creature

The Cow Cat With Favorite Mousy Beg Face
  Hello my cute furry (and not furry) friends!  Today I want to talk about training.  I’m working hard to train my dad to fetch my mouse and play with me.  The other day, I was lying on the floor by my mousie, I looked over at my daddy who was watching tv, he smiled, and kept watching tv.  I went over and nipped daddy on the leg and ran back and sat down by my mousie.  Daddy came over and picked it up and played with me.  It took him years to learn that trick, which is exhausting.  Let’s […]

How To Train Your Owner by Scotch TheCowCat

The Cow Cat Crowdfunding Project Filming
  Hello all my cute furry friends (and not furry too)!  Last was a busy week for me.  Last week, I directed and starred in a short video to launch our #Cute4Kind campaign which will be launch soon on Indiegogo.  I had to memorize my lines, work with our makeup people to make me even cuter, and after many many takes, we finally finished our video!  I’ll work on editing it soon!  Our #Cute4Kind project is seeking your help to fund the #Cute4Kind website where we can post more cute videos of our furry friends, where you can post your own […]

#Cute4Kind Crowdfunding Project Filming

The Cow Cat It's kitties grooming day Scotch bath time
Hi all my cute kitty friends and owners! It’s grooming day, and I can say I’m not too impressed. My daddy likes to keep my nails trimmed, but it really is hard for me to scratch up anything afterwards. But, I know I’ll get some nice treats afterward, so I put up with it. Sometimes, I get to go outside on our deck and daddy will brush me with a deshedding brush, and I kind of like it. I like to chase the fur in the wind and try and catch it after I get brushed. My sister doesn’t like […]

It’s Kitties Grooming day!