We Cats Want To Help You Do Laundry!

Have you ever wondered why we are so excited when you do the laundry? I’m sure you’ve notice that your dog doesn’t care at all. We are super clean and we want to help our human friends be super clean too!


We cats want to help you do laundry | The Cow Cat


Basket Keeper

We want to make sure you have all dirty clothes out of the basket, which is why we run into the dirty clothes basket right away after you empty it. We will sit there watching through the basket the whole washing process because we care about you so much. We just can’t take our eyes off you! Plus, we want to make sure you are doing it correctly. Now, if during the process someone opens up a can of something in the kitchen, well, we will care about you a little less, just a little less, while we go investigate that situation.


We cats want to help you do laundry | The Cow Cat The Basket Keeper

“The Basket Keeper”


Clean Inspector

This is also why we keep our eyes on you all the time so once the clothes are done, we can jump right on them! There is something about clean clothes we just can’t resist. Since we are such clean creatures, we want to make sure all your cloths are clean, so we sniff, we dig, and we roll all over your clean clothes to test your washing machine quality. We also want to give you some of our cat hair on every piece of clothing you wear because we know how much you miss us when you are gone. You’re welcome!


We cats want to help you do laundry | The Cow Cat The Clean Inspector

“The Clean Inspector”


Bed Maker

This is the most important and (most fun). Making the bed can be tough. Getting the sheets just right takes time and a lot of practice. Since you guys sleep on such a big bed, making it is even more difficult after you clean your sheets. Lucky for you, you have a cat! We live to help you make the bed. Right as you start to put the sheets on the bed, boom, there we are jumping right into the middle of the bedsheets and stretching out! I love when my daddy rolls me to the finished side so I can help the bed sheets get flat and even. (And give you even more cat hair). Daddy makes a face at me like he’s not happy with my help, but I know he’s just kidding. He has no idea how hard it is to balance my body on the sheet while he’s trying to move it around and make the bed. Good thing I’m there to help get it right.


We cats want to help you do laundry | The Cow Cat The Bed Maker

“The Bed Maker”


By now you guys understand how much we want to help you with laundry. There is even more housework we will help you with! Check out How To Clean Your House With A Cat.

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