How To Clean Your House With A Cat

Hello everyone! It’s your furry friend Scotch, aka The Cow Cat, here to talk today about helping you clean the house! Does your furry friend help you clean? I’d love to hear about how you get some help around the house!


A Vacumm Cleaner: Cat's Let Favorite Loud Creature


As you know, cats are very clean creatures, and we appreciate you being clean too, and keeping the house clean. As I’ve discussed in earlier blogs, a good way to clean your hardwood floors is to put a leash on your cat and try and take them for a walk! (See my earlier blog on Walking The Cat). I won’t walk for you of course, but you can drag me around on the floor and try and get me to walk. In the meantime, I’ll be sure and polish your hardwood with my back! For my friends that have carpet, well, I’m as helpful as your dog. When the vacuum comes out, I’ll be waiting under the bed or sofa for that horrible thing to go away. So my friends, vacuuming is on you!


The Cow Cat | Let's go for cat walk with cow kitty plying dead


Let’s talk about the dishes. Daddy says I’m not allowed on the counter. I don’t know how bits of kitty litter always end up on the counter by morning when daddy gets up. I think my sister Soda is doing it! Now, I do like to make sure you are loading the dishwasher correctly. It is important to put the dishes in the dishwasher in an organized way so you can maximize the load and save time and water! You know how cats love water! Don’t worry friends; I’ll be watching you to make sure you do it correctly. Also, make sure before you close the door that your furry friend isn’t in the dishwasher. That would be worse than a bath! I’ll supervise your unloading of the dishes too!


How to clean your house with a cat by the cow cat doing dishes
Finally, if you leave a clean napkin out, or a paper towel, I’ll be sure to use that to help you clean the house. I also quite like the toilet paper. I think undoing a roll of it and running around the house with it will help keep your house spiffy clean!


How to clean your house with a cat by the cow cat doing napkin floor cleaning


There you have it my friends! Tips on how The Cow Cat keeps the house clean. I’d love to hear from you how your furry friends help out around the house. Let me know in the Comment Section below! Until next time, keep yourself clean!