Let’s Go For A Cat Walk With Me!

The Cow Cat | Let's go for cat walk with cow kitty watching traffics


Happy June everybody! We are heading into the summer season and that means we will all be more active! Well, I mean you, not me. Your cute cow cat here will still nap about 16 hours a day. After all, I need my beauty sleep. Sometimes daddy wants to take me outside for a walk or something. Now, I’ll sit on our little screened in patio and watch everyone outside. I love to sit by the window and watch traffic go by, oh and the birds and flies that come by. But my furry friends, that doesn’t mean I want to ACTUALLY go outside. No, no, no.


So, this week, daddy thought it would be fun to put a harness on me and a leash, and take me outside for a walk. I think daddy is confused and he thinks I’m a dog. Hmmm, when is the last time I fetched something? Daddy fetches for me! Anyway, after some struggling, daddy got the harness on me and I guess I was supposed to stand up or something and go for a walk. Well, like a nice puppy, I’m good at playing dead cow cat. I just curled up and laid on the floor while daddy dragged me along the floor. I think it is a new way to dust the floors or something. He kept picking me up, standing me on my legs, and saying “walk Scotch, walk”.


The Cow Cat | Let's go for cat walk with cow kitty plying dead

***no animals were harmed in this floor cleaning


Well once he lets go, I immediately flop down on my side and the dragging begins again.  Next we went into the hallway of our apartment. I guess those floors needed some cleaning too. I hope this doesn’t mean I’ll get a bath once this disaster is over. Anyway, I continue to play dead while daddy drags me across the carpet. The next thing I know, we are outside on the sidewalk. Well, now my furry friends, I did wake up a bit. I woke up and started meowing really loudly and I was trying to get out of my harness and run under a bush. While I couldn’t get out, daddy leaned down to pet me and I made my move. I jumped up onto daddy, claws out so I would make sure I’d be able to climb up onto daddy’s shoulders. Success! With some screaming and a ripped T-shirt, I quickly found myself back in the apartment being dragged along the floor.


The Cow Cat | Let's go for cat walk with cow kitty think should he stand or lay down


Daddy undid my leash and harness and it’s a miracle! I’m ok and I can stand and walk! Daddy just laughed at me and said, “ok, Scotch. No more outside walking for you. I guess you don’t like it.” And with that my cute cuddly friends, I went to the patio door and meowed until daddy let me out on the screened in patio. After all, I wanted to be outside!


The Cow Cat | Let's go for cat walk with cow kitty standing and walking again