Starvation Is Killing Me!

Starvation is killing me | The Cow Cat is always hungry cover photo


I wanted to talk to you today about eating, and how you should let me eat what I want, when I want, and where I want. Your cute kitty friends are particular about this topic.


Starvation is killing me | The Cow Cat and his favorite oineapple popsicle


First of all, if I can see any clear space in my bowl, even if there is some food in the bowl, I do believe that starvation is imminent and that you need to fill the bowl up now! How can I tell when and where my next meal will come from? After all, I’m a growing boy! So you need to keep my bowl full at all times or I’ll assume I’m dying soon.


Starvation is killing me | The Cow Cat Starvation is imminent


Speaking of my bowl, I don’t always like to eat out of the bowl. I like to put my paw in the bowl, and knock some of the kibbles onto the floor, where I can round them up much more easily and eat them off the floor. That doesn’t mean you should pour my food on the floor, but I like to chase it around a bit before I eat it.


Starvation is killing me | The Cow Cat with his two black hearts while eating


I mostly eat dry food, but sometimes daddy will give Soda and I some wet food! Wow is that great. I’ll sit in the middle of the kitchen and meow in a high pitch while Soda will dance in circles and chase her tail. That is also how she lets you know she is hungry and the bowl needs filled. I love to lick up all the gravy in the bowl before I tear into the chicken, or tuna, or whatever is in the bowl.


Starvation is killing me | The Cow Cat eats kitty wet food


Usually when someone is eating, I like to come by and offer my approval on what they are eating. I’ll sniff your food and if I like it, I’ll jump up on you and beg for some. Sometimes I’ll help myself to a bite of your ham sticking outside your bread. I guess you should have made a tighter sandwich. I’ll also eat some of the ham out of your hand, or on the floor. I’m not too picky when it comes to that. Soda on the other hand, she won’t eat out of your hand, she needs you to put it on the floor.


Starvation is killing me | The Cow Cat and his kitty sister eating on the floor


I also love it when daddy feeds me treats. It usually means I have to do some terrible task first, like get my nails trimmed, a bath, or a brushing. But, once it is over I run to the kitchen because I know my chewy/crunch treat will be coming! Nom nom nom.


Starvation is killing me | The Cow Cat nail trimming comes with treats

Treats are for patient kitties


I can recognize the sound of a can being opened, or a jar being opened, so you can rest assured, your furry friend will be in the kitchen momentarily to inspect the latest developments of can opening. Keep the food flowing and you’ll have a happy cat on your hands, and maybe in your lap!


Starvation is killing me | The Cow Cat food beg face