No Kissing Policy

HELLO to all my cute furry friends (and non-furry too)! Did you survive the week? I was a tough one wasn’t it? Well, they are all stressful! I wanted to talk about giving your cute kitty a kiss this week. You probably saw my post last week about when life gets you down; Sometimes You Just Need A Hug! If you didn’t, please check it out HERE!


No Kissing Policy for Cats | The Cow Cat
As you know my cuddly friends, I love to give out hugs, but a kiss, well, not so much. If I was a dog, then I’d love to lick your lips and face, but as a cute cat, I have an image to maintain and I’m more discreet! Now I know some of my cat friends do like to give their owners a little lick now and then, but that’s probably because you are dirty and we just can’t stand it any longer!


Now, I’ll admit, sometimes I let daddy give me a little peck on the nose for a kiss, but that’s only when I’m in a really good mood. Sometimes when daddy asks for a kiss, I’ll show him the top of my head, and then I get a little kiss there. I don’t mind that too much I guess. My sister Soda, hates it even more. When daddy tries to give her a kiss, he gets at least two paws in his face. I’m a bit more tolerant than she is!


No Kiss Policy For Cats and Kitties | The Cow Cat Knows Everything
So there you have it. Let’s stick to a peck on the top of my head when you want to give me a kiss. I don’t mind that as long as your mouth is clean! Otherwise, more work for me! Maybe next time we can discuss snuggling and sitting on your lap! Xoxo my cute furry friends!

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