Cat’s Worst Day Everrrr

Hello my cute furry friends. Today is a topic near and dear to almost everyone. Most everyone likes a good smell. Unfortunately (for me) sometimes daddy doesn’t like my good smells, and he takes action to fix it!


Cat's Worst Day Everrrr | The Cow Cat having a great time with cat bath


Now, don’t get me wrong, I love water. I love drinking water. In fact, many cats don’t drink enough water, which can make them sick. All my cat owner friends please make sure your cute kitties drink enough clean water. For me, I like my water icy cold! Sometimes daddy even puts ice in my water.


Cat's Worst Day Everrrr | The Cow Cat As long as no water touch me, I'm a happy kitty


Now, as I said I like water…when I drink it! Water to make me smell good, hmm, not so much. I can hear when daddy fills up the tub. Most of the time it is for himself, but I’m always on alert! I can see if the kitty shampoo comes out of hiding, along with the white towels. Then it is time to HIDE KITTY HIDE.


Cat's Worst Day Everrrr | The Cow Cat runs for hiding when hearing water filling in the tub


Daddy then tricks me with putting a treat down that I like. Grrr, I fall for it every time and I come out to have my treat, and once I’m done, boom, I’m in daddy’s arms and I know what is coming next……So, I put up with the bath. It’s not horrible really, but if looks could kill, you would be in an ambulance on the way to the hospital.


Cat's Worst Day Everrrr | The Cow Cat looks very happy in bath day


Daddy then puts a nice dry towel on the floor and dries me off. I don’t much care for that either. Then he has my favorite dry blanket waiting for me in the sun. Ok, nice, but I’m still mad. Then I get my treat again, and often times, wet cat food for dinner. Ok, I’m warming up to this, but I still don’t like you right now, but a way to love it through the cats tummy right?


Cat's Worst Day Everrrr | The Cow Cat say no to forgiveness


Some good kitties behave…well…because they know they can’t escape. For example, Buster, my friend on Facebook, looks very behaved but if you look into his eyes…yep humom and dad shall get revenged upon soon! LOL


Cat's Worst Day Everrrr | The Cow Cat's friend Buster is having a great time of his life


If you are reading this as a cat parent, you now know what we think! And if you are a cat, stay clean my friend, otherwise our parents will ruin our sunny weekend! Let me know about your kitty bath experience on the comment section below! I’d LOVE to hear that Buster and I are not the only cats with bad luck here!