Pawple Magazine’s SEXIEST CAT ALIVE

Hi my friends and furriends! As you see on the title of this post, I am so honored to be named as The SEXIEST CAT ALIVE by Pawple magazine. Yeah take that David Beckham! 😉


Pawple Magazine's SEXIEST CAT ALIVE 1st Issue The Cow Cat on the cover


At first I was not sure I was sexy enough for the title. But after meeting with Pawple’s editor (Scotch,) and Pawple’s assistant editor (Scotch,) and Pawple’s writer (Scotch) and a sexy photo shoot, I had to humbly accept the Sexiest Cat Alive title.

It’s not like I want to be a sex symbol of our cats on internet. But when people see you as a sexy cat, you just can’t say no! Plus I might be able to use my title to raise awareness of animal adoption since nobody wanted to adopt me when I was a kitten (click here to see my adoption story.)

After a hot photo shooting session, I realized I should also tell the secret why I have such a hot mess body so people can help their cats to be SEXY like me!


Pawple magzine's SEXIEST CAT ALIVE 1st Issue The Cow Cat with Justin Bieber's hair


Justin Bieber’s Hair

To have a cute & sexy hair like Justin, you really have to watch a lot of TV and Youtube. I mean you really have to watch a lot of Justin Bieber’s video and learn how to flip your hair properly. No it’s so easy. You have to make sure you keep out of at least one eye because you can run into furrrniture (furniture that’s cover by cat hair.) It can be painful my friends. Also you have to make sure your hair is clean and fluffy (Here is how I feel about bathing.)


Pawple magzine's SEXIEST CAT ALIVE 1st Issue The Cow Cat has Miley Cyrus tongue.


Miley Cyrus’s Tongue

A Hot tongue like Miley is not a gift I was born with. This is all about practicing my friends. What you need are delicious cat treats and a camera.  When you finish your treats, your tongue will automatically wipe around your mouth. This is depending on how delicious the treats are; the more delicious, the longer the tongue. So basically just get very tasty treats, and you will get that sexy tongue. And the most important part is taking photos of that hot tongue and post online. Who doesn’t like cat tongue?!?! Feel free to post on my Facebook so me and my Facebook friends can appreciate your tongue!


Pawple magzine's SEXIEST CAT ALIVE 1st Issue The Cow Cat with Nicki Minaj's Buns


Nicki Minaj’s Buns

Everybody LOVES sexy buns! The good news is every cat can have Nicki’s buns! The secret of having nice buns is exercising. There is no excuse like “I don’t have time to go to the gym.” Well we cats don’t go to the gym anyway! What you really need is kitchen counter, dining table or anything humans don’t like us to jump on. Guess what .Jump on it! The more you do, the more human’s complains, the nicer buns you get!


Well my friends and furriends, anyone can be the Sexiest Cat Alive and I’m looking forward to see you on a cover of Pawple soon! Let me know if my tips are helpful. And feel free share your tips with me on the comment section below. I would LOVE to know how you got your nice body! 😉