When a door closes, another one opens! (Most of the time)

The Cow Cat | Kitties don't like the door closed not bathroom door closed


Hello all my shy furry friends! Scotch here to talk to you about door closing etiquette.  Being a really smart cat, I’ve learned that doors can be opened and closed. I wanted to share my insights with all my friends.

The first thing to talk about is how our human friends should not go into a room and close a door behind them where their furry friends cannot get in. Not only is it rude, but when the door is actually closed and latched, well, it’s hard for your cute kitty friend to get the door open. Some of you may even have a see through door, which is even worse! I can see you on the other side and yet I can’t get it open. Is this a rude game you are playing for your own amusement? Did you forget how well your cute cat friends can plot revenge? Well, you’ll know soon enough!


The Cow Cat | Kitties don't like the door closed watching through the closet


I’ve learned if the door isn’t latched, I can push it open, or closed. One time when daddy was at work, I figured out how to close the bathroom door! The only problem was I was inside and I couldn’t get it open. I know daddy has shown me the door handle before and how to use it (it is a lever and not round) but I think it’s too complicated for me! The other problem with my new talent is while I was locked in the bathroom, I couldn’t get out to eat or to drink, and my sister couldn’t get in to go potty! Good thing she was able to hold it until daddy got home from work. Daddy and I had a nice talk about this and daddy went and bought something to prop the door open from now on.


The Cow Cat | Kitties don't like the the bathroom door handle because it's so difficult to open


Sometimes when daddy sleeps at night, and closes the bedroom door, Soda will scratch at the door or the floor to get it open. I keep telling her that won’t open the door, but she doesn’t listen to me. I find in those situations if you sit outside the door and meow very loudly, daddy gets up and opens the door to see what is going on. My cute friends I do pose the question, who is training who in this situation? LOL

I’ve also learned if I sit by the door on our deck, it is glass, and stare for a while or meow a bit, daddy will come in and open that door too! The other day the wind blew it shut while I was outside (I may have pushed the thing holding it open away, lol) and after some loud meow, the door opened again! Daddy didn’t seem happy with me and I was told to come inside. I didn’t realize doors were so complicated.


The Cow Cat | Kitties don't like the deck door closed cats want to go outside


There you have it my friends, my impression on how to get one door open after another one closes. I’d love to hear your door stories and maybe I can learn something from you too! Until next time my friends, meow loudly!


The Cow Cat | Kitties don't like the door closed Scotch is trying to get to the bedroom