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How To Celebrate The 4th of July With Your Cat | The Cow Cat fireworks and martini
  Happy 4th of July my furry friends! It’s Scotch here and I want to get you in the swing of how to best celebrate the 4th of July holiday! Take my advice and soon you’ll be enjoying relaxing, partying, and enjoying cute cat photos and cute dog photos and having a great time with your human friends, well, as much fun as you can have with them anyway!   Rule Number 1:  Have Plenty To Drink   Hydration is very important my cuddly friends. One should drink plenty of water because unless you live in San Francisco like I […]

How To Celebrate The 4th of July With Your Cat

Starvation is killing me | The Cow Cat is always hungry cover photo
  I wanted to talk to you today about eating, and how you should let me eat what I want, when I want, and where I want. Your cute kitty friends are particular about this topic.     First of all, if I can see any clear space in my bowl, even if there is some food in the bowl, I do believe that starvation is imminent and that you need to fill the bowl up now! How can I tell when and where my next meal will come from? After all, I’m a growing boy! So you need to […]

Starvation Is Killing Me!

The Cow Cat | Let's go for cat walk with cow kitty watching traffics
  Happy June everybody! We are heading into the summer season and that means we will all be more active! Well, I mean you, not me. Your cute cow cat here will still nap about 16 hours a day. After all, I need my beauty sleep. Sometimes daddy wants to take me outside for a walk or something. Now, I’ll sit on our little screened in patio and watch everyone outside. I love to sit by the window and watch traffic go by, oh and the birds and flies that come by. But my furry friends, that doesn’t mean I […]

Let’s Go For A Cat Walk With Me!