No Kissing Policy for Cats | The Cow Cat
HELLO to all my cute furry friends (and non-furry too)! Did you survive the week? I was a tough one wasn’t it? Well, they are all stressful! I wanted to talk about giving your cute kitty a kiss this week. You probably saw my post last week about when life gets you down; Sometimes You Just Need A Hug! If you didn’t, please check it out HERE!   As you know my cuddly friends, I love to give out hugs, but a kiss, well, not so much. If I was a dog, then I’d love to lick your lips and face, […]

No Kissing Policy

Sometimes you just need a hug | The Cow Cat
Hello my furry friends (and non-furry) ! Scotchy Cow Cat here with a heartwarming story for today. Ever have one of those days when you just need to take a nap and escape your crappy day? Do you need a hug on top of it, or just need to know someone is there for you? Well, I can relate my friends.     Sometimes, life deals you a hand and you think, wow, how am I going to get through this? Well, I thought this picture of my sister Soda and I having a nap might give you some inspiration. […]

Sometimes you just need a hug!

How to Bike Like a Pro by The Cow Cat Selfie With Your Bike
This blog is for all of my two wheeled friends! Well, ok, those that rides on two wheels! It’s your cute kitty pal Scotch here with some bike safety tips to make your trip a fun and safe. When I look out the window, or sit on our little deck outside, I see all kinds of people on their bikes. My Daddy also bikes, well, once in a while! He should get out more! Many of you might not know that I’m a Pro Biker. I love being around bikes and being very active to keep my body rockin.’ So […]

How to Bike Like a Pro by The Cow Cat

How To Get A Perfect Suntan For Summer | The Cow Cat Want To Get Tanned
Summer is here my cute furry and non-furry friends! If you are like me, it’s time to get some fun in the sun and relax! You know us cats love to relax. It’s very stressful sleeping 16 hours a day and being alert to our surroundings. There isn’t much more I love then laying out in the sun and sleeping and relaxing. Well, besides eating and using the litter, this is my favorite thing to do. But my cuddly friends, there are some rules to proper sunbathing that I want to share with you so you can have maximum comfort […]

How To Get A Perfect Suntan For Summer

How To Celebrate The 4th of July With Your Cat | The Cow Cat fireworks and martini
  Happy 4th of July my furry friends! It’s Scotch here and I want to get you in the swing of how to best celebrate the 4th of July holiday! Take my advice and soon you’ll be enjoying relaxing, partying, and enjoying cute cat photos and cute dog photos and having a great time with your human friends, well, as much fun as you can have with them anyway!   Rule Number 1:  Have Plenty To Drink   Hydration is very important my cuddly friends. One should drink plenty of water because unless you live in San Francisco like I […]

How To Celebrate The 4th of July With Your Cat

Starvation is killing me | The Cow Cat is always hungry cover photo
  I wanted to talk to you today about eating, and how you should let me eat what I want, when I want, and where I want. Your cute kitty friends are particular about this topic.     First of all, if I can see any clear space in my bowl, even if there is some food in the bowl, I do believe that starvation is imminent and that you need to fill the bowl up now! How can I tell when and where my next meal will come from? After all, I’m a growing boy! So you need to […]

Starvation Is Killing Me!

The Cow Cat | Let's go for cat walk with cow kitty watching traffics
  Happy June everybody! We are heading into the summer season and that means we will all be more active! Well, I mean you, not me. Your cute cow cat here will still nap about 16 hours a day. After all, I need my beauty sleep. Sometimes daddy wants to take me outside for a walk or something. Now, I’ll sit on our little screened in patio and watch everyone outside. I love to sit by the window and watch traffic go by, oh and the birds and flies that come by. But my furry friends, that doesn’t mean I […]

Let’s Go For A Cat Walk With Me!

The Last Cow Cat | The Cow Cat Scotch when he was a kitten
  Hi Everyone! Today I wanted to reflect back about what a lucky cat I am! I was born with 7 brothers and sisters. We were all taken to the animal shelter soon after we were born. We were all still very little, too small to be adopted yet. We were very scared with our new surroundings and we didn’t understand what was going on. Our whole litter was full of cute kittens and we were all desperate to get out of there and go someplace safe and warm. How did such a fate happen to a group of cute […]

The Last Cow Cat

How To Be A Better Communicator With Your Cat | The Cow Cat Give A Dirty Look
  Do you have trouble communicating with your little furry friend? Do you not understand what we are trying to ask or say? I’m not surprised. We can understand you, but often we notice you don’t seem to have a clue what we are talking about. Fortunately for you, I’m here to help!   First of all, when I’m taking a nap and you come over and ask how I’m doing, or call my name, or make too much noise, or bump into where I’m sleeping, and I crack open one eye and give you the look of death, it […]

How To Be A Better Communicator With Cats