Pawple Magazine's SEXIEST CAT ALIVE 1st Issue The Cow Cat on the cover
Hi my friends and furriends! As you see on the title of this post, I am so honored to be named as The SEXIEST CAT ALIVE by Pawple magazine. Yeah take that David Beckham! 😉     At first I was not sure I was sexy enough for the title. But after meeting with Pawple’s editor (Scotch,) and Pawple’s assistant editor (Scotch,) and Pawple’s writer (Scotch) and a sexy photo shoot, I had to humbly accept the Sexiest Cat Alive title. It’s not like I want to be a sex symbol of our cats on internet. But when people see […]

Pawple Magazine’s SEXIEST CAT ALIVE

Cat's Worst Day Everrrr | The Cow Cat having a great time with cat bath
Hello my cute furry friends. Today is a topic near and dear to almost everyone. Most everyone likes a good smell. Unfortunately (for me) sometimes daddy doesn’t like my good smells, and he takes action to fix it!     Now, don’t get me wrong, I love water. I love drinking water. In fact, many cats don’t drink enough water, which can make them sick. All my cat owner friends please make sure your cute kitties drink enough clean water. For me, I like my water icy cold! Sometimes daddy even puts ice in my water.     Now, as […]

Cat’s Worst Day Everrrr

Happy Halloween everyone! It’s definitely the SPOOKIEST day of the year! And of course how can I pass this special day without giving you a Halloween gift because you are my friend (read on for my special gift for you.) There is nothing spookier than the feeling that someone is watching you. If you have a cat, you know every day is Halloween. Because no matter what you do, YOU ARE WATCHED!     Food time, you are watched!   House cleaning time, you are watched!   Beauty time, you are watched!   Shower time, you are watched!   Family […]

We Are Watching You!

We cats want to help you do laundry | The Cow Cat
Have you ever wondered why we are so excited when you do the laundry? I’m sure you’ve notice that your dog doesn’t care at all. We are super clean and we want to help our human friends be super clean too!     Basket Keeper We want to make sure you have all dirty clothes out of the basket, which is why we run into the dirty clothes basket right away after you empty it. We will sit there watching through the basket the whole washing process because we care about you so much. We just can’t take our eyes off […]

We Cats Want To Help You Do Laundry!

Welcome to the premiere for The Caterview, the project that I’m working on with my furriends! I hope The Caterview helps animal parents understand their pets better. There are so many secrets we are going to reveal to all animal lovers out there. Okay, the waiting is over! As I promised, here is the very first Caterview with my very first guest (and very good friend) Miss Sophie The model !       Hi Sophie! Welcome to The Caterview! I’m so hornered and excited to have you as my first EVER guest of the show. Why don’t you tell us a […]

The Caterview Episode 1: Sophie The Model

The Caterview with The Cow Cat
    Finally!!!! It’s time to reveal what I have been working on behind the scenes for a while. Nope..I’m not talking about my 18 hour beauty nap. I’m talking about “The Caterview”! In the past 10 months, I have been writing kitty stories based on my personal experience. As I’ve been making new friends on my website, Facebook and Instagram everyday, I realized that all of my friends are cat lovers, indeed, many of my friends are cat parents just like my daddy!   So I think, would it be good to share not only my cow cat experience, […]

The Caterview With The Cow Cat

The Cow Cat | Kitties don't like the door closed not bathroom door closed
  Hello all my shy furry friends! Scotch here to talk to you about door closing etiquette.  Being a really smart cat, I’ve learned that doors can be opened and closed. I wanted to share my insights with all my friends. The first thing to talk about is how our human friends should not go into a room and close a door behind them where their furry friends cannot get in. Not only is it rude, but when the door is actually closed and latched, well, it’s hard for your cute kitty friend to get the door open. Some of […]

When a door closes, another one opens! (Most of the ...

The kitty birthday and My Only Wish This Year
  It’s been a big week for me my cute furry friends. This past week was my 5th Birthday. Where does the time go? It was also my “sister” Soda’s birthday; she is also 5 years old. I had a great celebration planned, and as you can see, I had a special birthday cake with candles for me! You may see Soda in the background. She got a cake too, but she’s not thrilled about birthdays because she doesn’t like getting older. I told her she still looks 3! She hissed, bad kitty! Me, I love to celebrate, and my […]

The BIG PAWTY and My Only Wish This Year

How to clean your house with a cat by the cow cat doing napkin floor cleaning
Hello everyone! It’s your furry friend Scotch, aka The Cow Cat, here to talk today about helping you clean the house! Does your furry friend help you clean? I’d love to hear about how you get some help around the house!     As you know, cats are very clean creatures, and we appreciate you being clean too, and keeping the house clean. As I’ve discussed in earlier blogs, a good way to clean your hardwood floors is to put a leash on your cat and try and take them for a walk! (See my earlier blog on Walking The […]

How To Clean Your House With A Cat